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by Stefano Gracis

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6 Modules in analog and digital prosthodontics

by Dr Stefano Gracis with the collaboration of Drs. Monica Imelio and Antonello Appiani

10 Good Reasons to attend these courses

  1. We talk about 360-degree dentistry and constantly show clinical cases with respectable follow-up.
  2. We are not afraid to talk about complications and failures and to show them.
  3. It is a course for the dentist + dental technician team that helps both understand each other better, how to learn from each other and how to collaborate more efficiently.
  4. The participants are challenged to defend their own opinions and knowledge, and discussions are fostered so that the clinician learns how to make more correct clinical decisions, even for small routine cases.
  5. Participants have the possibility to show their cases, according to a pre-established scheme.
  6. It allows and stimulates the participant to get his/her hands “dirty”: see, touch, try the instruments and materials.
  7. It is taught by full-time clinicians who treat patients in their own clinics and who belong to well recognised professional organizations, such as the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and the Italian Academy of Prosthetic DentistryDr. Gracis has thirty years of teaching experience (the first annual course that he taught dates back to 1991) and a unique professional background.
  8. Handouts and/or other informative material are provided during each module.
  9. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal and many convivial moments are shared in good company accompanied by good food.
  10. Milan is an upswing city, home to the world’s high fashion, cuisine and art, and a popular touristic destination.