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Fixed vs removable solutions for fully edentulous patients



The prosthetic rehabilitation of fully edentulous patients treated with implants: Fixed vs removable solutions


The successful rehabilitation of fully edentulous patients who need a functional and esthetic prosthetic rehabilitation requires careful planning, effective communication among the members of the treating team, an in depth knowledge of the materials, and the application of clinically sound protocols for their fabrication and delivery. The aim of this course is to demonstrate in a structured and clinically relevant manner the protocols to achieve a naturally looking and well integrated restorations that can be long lasting. It illustrates the criteria for selecting the “best” restorative solution for the specific clinical case being treated (fixed vs removable), the concepts and strategies to be applied when treatment planning for and restoring implants, and the functional considerations and guidelines to be applied to make sure that esthetics and occlusion are two faces of the same coin and not disciplines in antagonism.

The main topics covered are:

  • Diagnostic approach to the edentulous patient to be treated with implants
  • How do you identify whether a fixed or a removable solution has to be employed
  • Technologies for manufacturing passive fitting prostheses
  • How do you produce a model that is the exact replica of the clinical situation: impression techniques
  • Screw-retained vs cement-retained solutions: indications, advantages and disadvantages 



Course duration
1 day
Theoretical course, both for dentists and technicians
Provided material
Detailed Handout