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Material selection: from metal-ceramics to all ceramics



Material selection in fixed prosthodontics: metal-ceramics and all ceramic materials - traditional vs adhesive approaches


Up to now, metal-ceramics has been considered the gold standard for fabricating fixed prosthesis since it reconciles excellent mechanical and physical properties with the ability to deliver, at least in many situations, good esthetics. In the last few years, the advent of new metal free ceramic materials and systems attempts to challenge this standard.

This course analyzes the indications and requirements for a metal-ceramic prosthesis vs. a metal free device and it will address their relative advantages, disadvantages and potential risks for failure.

A differentiation is made between situations where single crowns have to be fabricated and situations where bridges are needed. In the latter case, the comparison between metal-ceramics and zirconia points out the shortcomings of the traditional materials, but it also demonstrates the lack of sufficient data to justify, at this time, a widespread use of the new ceramics.

Certainly, the advent of CAD-CAM systems has started a revolution in prosthodontics that, eventually, will change radically the way both dentists and dental technicians work. 








Course duration
1 day
Theoretical course, both for dentists and technicians
Provided material
Detailed handout