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Color selection



Color selection in prosthodontics: art or science? A practical (but not necessarily technological) approach to understanding and communicating color


The choice of color for the fabrication of a prosthesis that has to be integrated into the mouth of a patient is certainly one of the more difficult tasks of the prosthodontist and dental technician. This course analyzes the causes of the discrepancies that so often frustrate our efforts intrying to achieve the “natural” effect and offers suggestions on how to get closer to the desired result.

The topics addressed are:

  • What is hue, chroma and value from a clinical point of view?
  • Which is the fourth dimension of color?
  • Which factors affect our ability to identify and record color?
  • How do you avoid the pitfalls of color recording?
  • Which are the shortcomings of shade guides?
  • Are digital color recording devices helpful and reliable?
  • What step by step system should be employed to identify the patient’s tooth color?






Course duration
Half day to 1 day, depending on the presence and number of practical exercises
Theoretical or theoretical-practical course, both for dentists and technicians
Provided material
Detailed Handout