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Examination of the patient



The clinical examination of the patient, the dento-facial analysis and the formulation of a comprehensive treatment plan:
A systematic and practical approach


This course discusses the diagnostic and prognostic criteria necessary for the planning of prosthetic treatments, the principles of evaluating dentofacial features as a starting point for setting up complex and/or esthetic rehabilitations, and the considerations when choosing abutments and determining their reliability. The analysis of several clinical cases will exemplify the application of these principles and the approach to therapy. Much space is given to the description of the forms being used to manage the work flow of the patient.


These are some of the topics being covered:

  • The dental history as a tool for evaluating the relative risk of the patient
  • The esthetic analysis and the reference benchmarks
  • The role of occlusal and functional analysis in the diagnostic process
  • The diagnostic models and mounting in the articulator: when and how to do it
  • The factors that determine whether to record centric relation or maximum intercuspation
  • The importance of formulating a prognosis tooth by tooth as the basis for determining the treatment plan
  • The diagnostic aids









Course duration
1 day minimum. In 2 days, there is the possibility to deal with different clinical examples.
Theoretical course
Material included
Detailed handout